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Best In Entertainment
offers full event production; from concerts to private events with talent choices ranging from national to local acts. Our production team can also provide sound, staging, lighting, promotion and security.

Why Best In Entertainment?
Because with us you can have the greatest music ever written, performed at your event by the original artists. The same men and women that wrote and recorded the songs you hear every day on the radio, TV and in the movies. The Best in Entertainment team also offer all the New and Exciting tribute acts and hilarious, fun filled family Entertainment.

Sometimes when the little guy doesn't know he's the little guy he can do great things. Sometime all someone needs is a second chance. There are a lot of people out there that know just what I am talking about.

You don't throw a whole life away because it is a little beat up. After all, we all know that:EVERYONE WANTS THE "BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT"   ( BIE Chicago, IL )

Support Our Troops
We believe our troops deserve our support. In that spirit BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT has provided and will continue to provide, shows to welcome our troops home.

Call: (224) 830-2220 
to find out about the next scheduled show to welcome home our troops or to talk about how we can help welcome home a hero you know.

Talent & Event Production

Best In Entertainment

Talent Current National Acts & National Legends
The links on the left provide a sample of the many talented performers we've worked with. Whether you're interested in Rock legends like The Guess Who, popular performers like Frank Stallone or one of the many talented acts we can provide, call us and let us make your next event your best.

Event Production
The events we produce are custom tailored to your needs. We can provide a single performer in a concert setting or you can choose from our many tribute shows. We can also customize these tribute shows by category, number and combination of performers and price to fit your event.


Media & Flexibility


BIE can setup and process Social Media to promote your special event. Making media purchases through radio and Television ads and news appearances, press releases, public service announcements and digital and printed posters. We get the word out across all Digital and Taditional channels.

We've produced events from; concerts at major venues, shows in large arenas, evenings at popular night clubs to elegant private parties. Whatever the size of your event you'll be given our full attention to every detail.